Double charged for renewal

  1. I signed up for automatic renewal for $20.00 at 7:35 pm today. Received email at 7:37 pm that my charge card was being carded $16.00 for renewing today.

2. When should my promotional charging tower arrive?

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Community Concierge

@GregA138148 Thanks for being a member, Greg! I located your membership and I see it is already opted in for the automatic renewal option. The last payment made on this account was for the $16 renewal and it was processed in 2020. The membership is active and valid thru 3/31/2023. If you tried to process an offer that provided a discount for signing up with automatic renewal, your membership would not be eligible for that price as you are already on the automatic renewal option. Please check your payment method to confirm that the charge did not go through and any pending charges you see will fall off within 72 hours. Your 5 port charging hub was ordered yesterday. Your gift will arrive to you via mail within 3-4 weeks. Once it ships, you will also be able to track it online, learn more here: Where Is My Free AARP Gift?  I'm always here to help if you need anything! 

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