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AARP now giving me faulty info via USPS mail and Web site?


AARP now giving me faulty info via USPS mail and Web site?

I got a mail piece indicating "Renew Now" but it turns out it's not renewal time until August - 5 months from now.


Then I go to the website to pay (before seeing it's not due until August) and after logging in there is basically a demand that I give you a phone number or I can't even pay my bill. I refuse and almost drop out of the web site until I see in small thin letters at the bottom that I can click "not now"


Then the only option appears to be automatic withdrawal ... I don't want that in anyway with my annual memberships, monthly is one thing I can remember and make sure the money is in the bank, annual is a complete space out for me. I didn't see anyway to pay immediately, but I'm guessing it's in there somewhere.


You are taking advantage of elders and yet you are supposed to be helping them.


I know this goes nowhere but I have to at least try.

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Noted this too, it seems like in many sites or promos you no longer can partake without a cell/smart phone with text capability.  I have a swipe card from a certain gas station that gives me promos such as free coffee, 10 cents off a gallon of gas, yet cannot receive these incentives as I need to load their "app" to a smartphone.  


I am also receiving Medicare part B USPS mail promos from a certain insurance company which I will not be eligible for another 6 years, I has reached out to AARP for this now "junk mail" to stop, which if did for about 9 months & seems to have started up again since I just renewed my membership... will the insanity of direct marketing ever stop?  


Its assumed everyone has a smart phone, no wonder everyone is crying broke too, not to mention walking around like a hump backed phone zombie.  

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@JohnS791596, I would call their customer service line and negotiate their membership fee. I did that about four years ago and negotiated $31 for FIVE YEARS of membership. That's $6.20 a year which is less than ANY PROMOTION that is advertised.

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