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$12 Renewal?

I received an email offering me a $12 renewal and a $10 CVS gift card.  I clicked on the "Renew Now for $12" link in the email, but the renewal page it took me to didn't offer the $12 renewal, only $16.  It did show the gift card.


How do I get the $12 renewal? 

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Hello, @BonnieS753682.


I received this offer, as well, via email. on the 10th of November. (see image below) 


Seems the $12.00/Annual Renewal term rate is intended for a member's first year using auto-renew.


From the email:

'Renew your AARP membership today for only $12 for your first year with automatic renewal. Plus, get a $10 CVS Pharmacy® digital gift card!'


So, if you have used the $12.00 auto-renew term rate prior to today, this may be why you are not seeing the offer. It's $16.00 for Standard Annual. (see image below)


Hoping this may assist you somehow.


12 Renewal CVS 10.00 Good Until Nov 24 2023.png12 Renewal CVS 10.00 Good Until Nov 24 2023 Offer Still Up.png



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Yes, I did notice that.  I honestly don't recall if I did auto-renew when I signed up last year or not.  You'd think they could keep track of that sort of thing, though, and only send the email to those who qualify.

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