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Why is 'turn off paper" such a hard concept for my PDP?

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Why is 'turn off paper" such a hard concept for my PDP?



I am in SilverScript, which operates with Caremark. I am not sure when I started getting paper EOBs, but was unsuccessful turning them off for the one year I was with WellCare. 


I generally fit best in SilverScript. and am back in it for 2023. I am pretty sure, once I had set my account for "paperless" I no longer received EOBs via snail mail, and with the steep decrease in Post Office service quality, why risk exposing my diagnoses with some nosy neighbor because the postman cannot hit the right box?


My mother was on few and very cheap meds. She matched better with PDPs that are poor matches for people such as myself on tons on meds, including some exotic ones, I must say. What I remember about one her top matches, it may have been Humana, there was an option to truncate what is on the EOB, which was great. I would be unconcerned if they could get each drug down to 3-5 letters and not print out the NDCs. 


While I do not expect Caremark, or whomever is printing out the EOBs, to reformat just for me, I do expect when I select "paperless" to never see it pop up under Informed Delivery around the third again. The last one was part of half my mail for the week that never arrived. I was upset about the missing EOB, one that should never have been in the mail was absent. Though it rarely works to mark a piece of mail as missing, it worked, and my EOB showed up. The remaining mail piece(s), marked missing, never showed up. 


So far I have sent three messages, made one 28-minute call, and received two more unwanted EOBs for my trouble. That 28-minute call produced a YTD listing of my drugs and costs and the NDCs that showed up Saturday. I never asked for any such thing. I have been quite clear about knocking off the mail.


I did submit a complaint using the form on, and expect either no answer or a reply I find unhelpful and infuriating. That is my memory of past experience.


Has anyone had success with getting their PDP to obey the most basic requests? If not, how did you get what you wanted?







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