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I'm not sure what happened to the original topic I made about this but I'm letting all of you know, I'm in the process of making an entire video series that exposes so many problems with united health care and their systems.


Even if you believe your well versed in how any of this stuff works, you will find out very quickly that you're not. The things I will be going over are absolutely mind boggling as to how any of this was even allowed.


Right now due to the specific involved, the reps have absolutely no clue what a UCARD even is and nor do they have any idea of what they are talking about.


As I said, I will be going over everything in these videos, making every video segment extremely simple, and easy to understand and follow.


I promise you all, by the time your done going through these videos, you are going to be both extremely happy but beyond furious at the same time (Happy that you now understand things you didn't, and furious because of the deception, lying and manipulation that you didn't even know was happening.


The bottom line is that I'm beyond fed up with this whole mess and now I'm exposing what everyone has every right to know.


I'm going to start making the very first segment after I post this. The full explanation of what the series is about will be done in it's own video


Please stay tuned.


Kind regards everyone,


- Matt -



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It's no secret United Healthcare is a total mess. It's confusing, complex, and it's basically impossible to get real answers to anything, and this is where I come in, despite the situation being a mess, I created an 8 part video series that makes a complex confusing mess extremely easy for anyone to be able to finally understand what is actually going on.


I very carefully constructed 7 videos (The first video is just an introduction) to help both you the consumer, as well as the customer service representatives by laying out 6 different segments that are all part of a single problem which the last video ties altogether as one, which shows you and gets you to understand where and how each segment has been applied.


Even though some are longer than others, no segment goes over 17 minutes


The links to all 8 videos I uploaded to youtube can be found below. (Please note, these videos are unlisted which means they are not searchable on youtube, they can only be viewed VIA  the links listed below in this topic) I suggest you copy and save these links because if the topic disappears, you will lose the links and will be unable to find these videos.


Kind regards


 - Matt -



Please note, all 8 of these videos are currently being uploaded to youtube. I will edit this topic as the links become available (This part of the message will be deleted once all links are posted). In the mean time you can see the names of each episode.


Episode 01 - Introduction:


Episode 02 - The first thing to understand


Episode 03 - How to Read these Contracts


Episode 04 - A Connected Problem


Episode 05 - Website Problems

Episode 06 - The Card System is out of control

Episode 07 - The Disconnect

Episode 08 - The System In Practice



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