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United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Programs leave much to be desired

AARP if you're going to endorse something don't you want to be associated with a quality product?  I switched my medicare supplement plan during open enrollment...took the time to call United to cancel my previous policy even though it was also through them and they still deducted the old premium in January.  Spent 20 min on phone trying to get it straightened out but they didn't reimburse so I just disputed it with my bank.  That was my first 2022 experience with them--in other words lousy customer care.


Now I am trying to find a new endocrinologist as my dr of 25 years retired in March of 2020--when I go to list of providers who pops up but he and his partner who have long closed their office...I choose another dr and call and she has also long left that practice so they are misrepresenting the available providers in a plan with long outdated information about drs who are no longer in practice.


They do not have their act together and I am losing respect for AARP for pushing and endorsing this product and thinking I don't think I can trust your suggestions any more.


I share @Marilyn's concerns re: United Healthcare insurance.  They made record profits last year and yet our premiums keep going up-and-up. (We have their regular insurance, NOT Advantage). 

I encourage AARP to truly advocate for us and get United Healthcare to do a better job of taking care of us Senior Citizens, financially, medically and customer-service. We enrolled with United Healthcare because AARP endorsed them. AARP: Stand behind the Seniors you state you owe allegiance to and advocate for us for better United Healthcare rates, customer service and coverage.

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I cannot speak to your Medicare plan specifically because your post is confusing as to what type of plan you might have BUT

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is trying to put through a rule on network adequacy that seems might address your concern about providers remaining on their list WAY past their professional retirement - perhaps, year after year for whatever the reason and where the breakdown lies.  This won't be effective until next year but hopefully it will correct some of the problems with the network listing of providers.  However, this will not fix providers leaving the network during the year for whatever the reason.  

It is always best to check with any new provider's office on coverage under which they currently participate.

Here is part of the proposed CMS rule - News Release 01/06/2022 - CY 2023 Medicare Advantage and Part D Proposed Rule 

from the link:

Network Adequacy

To strengthen its application standards and oversight, CMS is proposing to require that plan applicants demonstrate they have a sufficient network of contracted providers to care for beneficiaries before CMS will approve an application for a new or expanded MA plan. We believe that requiring applicants to demonstrate compliance with network adequacy standards as part of the application process will strengthen our oversight of an organization’s ability to provide an adequate network of providers to deliver care to MA enrollees. 


In the meantime, if this is a real sticking point for you - go to the boss and voice your concerns, giving specifics- plan, providers listed who are no longer in service, customer service help complaints, etc., to Medicare (CMS). - Filing complaints about your health or drug plan




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Medigap free-look period


You have 30 days to decide if you want to keep the new Medigap policy. This is called your "free look period." The 30-day free look period starts when you get your new Medigap policy. You'll need to pay both premiums for one month.

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How about United Healthcare having accurate provider info and decent customer service so I don't have to have the hassle of spending the time I already spent looking for a policy during open enrollment and now I have to spend more time because they have a bunch of "supposed" providers who aren't in business anymore...that is called the bait and switch and is dishonest and unethical.

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First up I’m not connected with nor do I speak on behalf of AARP, I’m just a member.


Are you sure you have Original Medicare (A, B &D) with a supplement/medigap plan?
It sounds like you have a Medicare advantage MA (part C) plan.


Medicare is a federal program but each state sometimes has different rules.


In my state I can change Medicare supplement/medigap plans any time during the year but I may be subject to underwriting by an insurance company and could be declined.


Open enrollment in my state is for Medicare Advantage part C plans and part D prescription drug plans not supplement plans.


Since I don’t know what state, you are from and I probably wouldn’t know a lot about their Medicare insurance rules why not call your state’s department of Insurance and ask to speak someone in the Senior Health Insurance Information Program, SHIIP?  They are unbiased Medicare insurance experts.


SHIIP is a national program that provides free unbiased one-on-one assistance, counseling, and education to Medicare beneficiaries. Funding is provided by the federal government.

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