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UHC Medicare Advantage Requirements


UHC Medicare Advantage Requirements

Recently I made an appointment with my doctor to renew a drug prescription.  When I got there, I find I'm participating in a Wellness Examination I did not request, and I'm admonished for not following up on my previous Wellness Examination. They ask me to fill out a questionnaire, take my blood and urine and ask me personal questions. They insist I answer ALL the questions, even the ones I state I do not wish to answer.

I feel bullied, especially since I need my prescription, and I'm not certain if this Wellness Exam is now a requirement for that prescription.  When I resist some of the questioning, my doctor blames UHC and tells me that "All questions must be answered completely or further steps will be taken. This is required by your health provider."

I text UHC regarding this situation, and the person I speak to advises me that  "Its (sic) a standard procedure that whatever the doctor instructed you to do has to be done to make sure everything is noted and on the records. Its (sic) a part of your medical records and health status. Refusal to follow instructions makes it hard for doctors to assess what is going on with your health."

So far, I don't have any life-threatening health issues and barely even use my healthcare services. What is going on?  Is this a one-off bad doctor-bad customer service situation or is it OK to bully me into using medical "benefits" or else?


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