State Farm Medicare Supplement

Does anyone have a Medicare Supplement plan with State Farm? What do you think of it? I have most of my other insurance through them and just learned they provide these policies too. I am looking a Plan G or possible Plan N.


Thanks for your help!

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@KarenD104232 in my area they are virtually non-existent. The policies can only be offered by captive SF agents so pricing does not matter. People buy the name, not the rate.


They may be competitive where you live but I checked G plan rates for a female, age 65. Their rate was $162 vs Anthem @ $114. There are a handful of carriers with a higher rate. United American is $244.


Even if I could offer them I wouldn't.


I see folks buying from USAA for a similar reason. They have their auto and HO with them and they feel like they are getting a deal, buying from a direct writer that ONLY sells to folks with a military connection. The USAA G plan for that 65 year old female is $199 but I am sure there are folks who will buy it and feel good about their decision.


All G plans are identical in every way except the premium. If you lived in Georgia, why would you pay $162 per month when you could get the same exact plan for $114?

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