Patient Abandonment -Ageism in Health Care TN

I want to share my experience in the state of Tennessee. I work in health care as an auditor. And at 58 I have several chronic conditions. I found a Multi-specialty clinic in Tennessee and I see a Neurologist, Podiatrist, and Gastroenterologist. Again I work in Health care I know my rights as a patient. The internal medicine doctor assinged to me is not an active physician and I asked to see a different doctor. After 2018-2019 one year of harrassmeent including calls from the Internal Medicine office manager telling me to go somewhere else--I received a certified letter "We are withdrawing Care you can no longer come to this Clinics.' Well that would be ok if it was ONE doctor. My three specialist are not abandoning me but can do nothing. I filed a complaint with TN HHS but unlikely anything will be done. No reason given for w/d care (My patient account is paid in ful balance zero) and the doctor responsible not listed no reason. Patient advocate stated" Murfreesboro is growng' Well apparently people over 50 with chronic conditions can not grow with Murfreesboro TN. Is this happening to other senors?

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