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Part D - Your experience with SilverScript SmartSaver (PDP)

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Part D - Your experience with SilverScript SmartSaver (PDP)

I am getting ready to change my Part D choice from Walgreens--terrible customer service that ended up costing me way more for an Rx than it should have, IMO--to SilverScript SmartSaver.  

SilverScript SmartSaver appears to be comparable in benefits and costs, and there are convenient local pharmacies in my area.

If you have (or had) SilverScript SmartSaver, are you reasonably satisfied with it?  Just looking for some feedback before I make the change.  Thank you.

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Where I live it was called SilverScripts SmartRX (PDP) the last 2 years.  The name will change with the new year.  I have had it for the last 2 years and it works good for me.  My prescriptons are generic except for 1.  I have only paid $3.40 a month for my 3 prescriptions.  Next year it will go up to $6 a month.  My premium is low, under 10 dollars. 


The preferred pharmacies for the plan where I live is Walmart and CVS.  I have been happy and it is still the least expensive option for next year so I am keeping it.  I have had no problems getting my prescriptions.  The worst problem I have had is my Levoxyl had to be ordered every time at CVS because they don't keep it in stock.  So it takes an extra day for it to arrive.

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