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Hello, I have never had"Part-B Medicare coverage. Yet, this year,"(2021-2022)" they assigned it to me, and began deducting "$170.10" from my monthly small checks in November 2021. Although I had contacted them in September telling them I did not want part-B because I am a Veteran and I use Veterans Health Coverage for all my health needs. I wrote letters, returned the new card they sent for "2022", along with the form canceling "Part-B" with explanations in a letter telling them my reasons. I spoke to social security many times, although they have been notified in a timely manner, all within the window period they allow, yet, they have had all proper information and documents since September 2021, still they deduct that cost for part-B, "$170.10, starting in November, the last time I called social security, I was told they see no reason why I have not been reimbursed, and why the payments have continued to be deducted, the payroll Dr p t.(or whatever the department's name is that dispences checks)* they have a notation on file saying to repay the money deducted and to stop the part-B, they were officially informed on September 21st. 2021, but as of this date*(January 7, 2022, I have still heard nothing, I continue to have that"$170.10 deducted, I am so frustrated, help someone, please, I have done everything required, all completed and sent back in the time frame they allow and require. I don't know what else to do. Help, someone please help thank you.

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No, I understand your dilemma.  Maybe you qualify for one of the extra help programs through Medicare that pays some of these costs.  What priority group are you in?  Funding could be an issue; but if you are in like group 1 to 4, & 6, that makes you a lot safer than someone in group 7 or 8.  I'd recommend you talk to someone at the VA.  


I read where you can voluntarily terminate your Medicare Part B (medical insurance). However, since this is a serious decision, you may need to have a personal interview. A Social Security representative will help you complete Form CMS 1763.


Good luck!

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It’s not absolutely necessary but strongly recommended by the Veterans administration that veterans enroll in Medicare part B when they become eligible. It’s a wise thing to have both VA and Medicare coverage.


 I’d suggest you talk with a VA social worker at your local VA clinic and tell them why you want to opt out of Medicare part B. There are programs out there that you might qualify for in helping you pay for your Medicare part B if that’s the issue.


I am a veteran with health care coverage from the VA system. Do I need Medicare as well?

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