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Generic Drug Price hikes

This is a letter I've written to both Senators and current Representitive in my home state of Missouri.  

To date I have recieved one reply from Senator Blunt.  He dodged the question and explained how he a some others have signed a bi-partisan letter in making Medicare stronger.  I took it as Im a senator and you (me) are an idiot.


I'm writing to you to find out why generic mental health drug prices are much higher than previous years.  My medicare advantage plan has numerous benefits.  Free generic drugs is one of them.  Unfortunately early last year my brother stepped into a local emergency room (St Lukes North) for what his wife described as a bad stomach bug.  The hospital tested him for flu and sent him home.  He was pronounced dead in that same facility hours later.  That experience sent me into a nasty bout of depression.  I asked my Dr for help a few months only to find that every generic mental health drug has increased in cost so much it made the insurance change the tier rating which now forces a person like myself to pay $45 a month for a 30 day supply.  My question is what is being done to stop the generic drug price gouging that Im seeing with my medicare plan?
Unfortunatley MO has Blunt who lives in a mansion and has a family full of lobyists and the other was Attoney Genral but never did anything except take Claire McCaskills seat.  Way to many gullable people in this state.
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