Dental &Vision?

Hello all... I'm new to this site, so I'm just going to post my questions and hope for some positive feedback. 

I'm 53yrs on permanent disability for 15 years now, yes I get SSI disability. I worked myself into the I've been checking Online and see I may be eligible for Dental and vision??? I have almost full dentures, and bifocals. I have paid for them myself with whatever I have been able to slowly put together. Now it's time for new glasses, and I desperately need some Dental work. Now I can't afford this!! I'm searching for help! I have care Credit, I still owe for my last dental appointment, and Veterinarian. Have reached my limit! Now I'm scared to let my teeth go to long, my disabilities are internal!

So enough of my me find Dental and vision that won't hurt my teeth! I've had bad Dental work done by Access Dental! 



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