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Hi Everyone,it's 62 and sunny here, it's great,don't know how long it will last.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

G-53 B-2 N-43 I-18 O-73

O-67 G-56 B-12 N-36 I-29

I-23 B-14 O-70

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon,Jen.


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Oh I know this weather is crazy - we have close to 70’s & last week it was below  0 - will enjoy the sunshine. No bingo for me

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We had some lovely weather today as well. My bulbs are coming up! Just need 1 more number for Bingo. Have a great night! 




Hi everyone. It was beautiful here today! No jacket needed! Sorry I am late to the party, I was working in my quilting room.


I had 7 numbers tonight but no bingo......2 different numbers needed to get one, so maybe tomorrow one of them will be in the list of new numbers, or maybe even both 😁

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The weather was so nice today didn't have to wear a jacket, I got 4 more numbers today but they just don't want to be friendly with each other 😄

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Was a pretty nice today today and I could not get out an enjoy it.  I wish I had more interesting things to talk about. 😊  Good luck on everyone's cards. Will there be an early week win?

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I came in yesterday but didn't post anything because I had an out of town guest.  Today,  I got a couple more "nonthreatening" hits.

Since I got back from my trip, time has been speeding up for me.  How can an old retired lady have that much to do is beyond me.  Every night, my watch has to tell me to go bed.  And the worse part?  I try to argue back.  With my watch!!!

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Good evening everyone. Jen it was also beautiful here today as well. It reach 70 and it will be another warm day tomorrow. 

I got more numbers tonight but nothing is lining up so I hope someone has better luck than me.

I got a call from the local community college last week I suppose to have a class on how to protect yourself if someone enters a school and it was cancelled because of the weather and the Officer who does it will be having it tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, as I believe nowadays we need to know this, which is sad that our world has made it this way. 

Well you all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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