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Hi  Everyone,another winter what else is new?

Feeling a little snow bound here,it will be a lot of sleet and cold.

Haven't heard from our SassyLady today, hope she is resting easy.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

N-31 I-30 B-10 G-60 O-67

B-4 G-53 I-16 N-39

O-61 B-6 I-18

GOOD LUCK,I'll be back in a bit,Jen

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There is no chance of me winning this Bingo lol. Hope everyone is having a good day. Tomorrow is Friday yay!



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Good evening everyone. It was 9 this morning and freezing rain. It has stopped now and some of the ice as gone away. I finally got to my mailbox at the end of my driveway and lucky for me there was only one item in the box and of course it was a bill. 

I am still praying for SassiLady for a speedy recovery. I have so many regular bingos on this card but still have 4 open spots for the "C". 

I have been watching the news off and on today and it upsets me what is going on in Ukraine. The problems is that some of the sanctions that are put on Putin will take awhile to have any affect but in the mean time other people through out the world will suffer from the repercussions. 

You all take care and stay safe and warm.

Charonanne E Kading
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Hopefully SassiLady is resting easy and you hear from her soon tell her hello and we wishing her a speedy recovery. I only got one number today.

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The Bingo is safe for someone to win.  I only got 3 numbers out of the 8 I still needed. 


With the current sad event in Europe, I can't help comparing Putin to a mass school shooter. By ordering his troop into action, it was as if he himself pulled the trigger and shot at everyone on both sides of that killing process.  The only difference between him and the school shooting gunman is that he's a huge giant that can't be easily subdued.  Bloodshed will last on for a while longer, unfortunately.  Hope I'm very wrong.

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Stay warm @jen43 and hope you don't have to get out. Hope SassiLady is resting and you hear from her soon.

I need one number for the "C". Probably someone will win tonight. Good luck everyone and hope all is well.

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