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Hi Everyone,miliannie was our Winner last night.

We  are ending the week with a COVERALL.

Lots of numbers, hope I don't mess them up.

Here goes.

B-12 I-30 I-28 N-37 G-59

N-32 G-54 B-13 I-22 O-62

G-59 N-44 N-35 O-66

B-5 I-19 O-69 O-75 and G-49

GOOD LUCK,I'll check back soon,Jen. 

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Wow y'all! Congrats to @convertiblegal55 , @ladyfox58 and @miliannie . Great ending week wins.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Me three:  Cover all bingo on card 94:


B  I    N    G    O

1  29  36  46   70

6  18  43  50   64

3   20  F   60   71

10 17  31  51  62

7   27  40  48  63


Please sign me up for the next game.  Thank you.  Have a Spring weekend everyone.


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This Is a GOOD BINGO miliannie!

ibingo%20congrats.jpg YOU ARE THE 3rd WINNER!

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Good evening everyone. It was suppose to be warm but it is very windy and cool and cloudy. 

Congrats to the winner from Thursday and congrats to the winners of this game. You all did great. 

Jen you only messed up 4 times and for some reason you seem to like the number 7 as you repeated 3 times. Twice today and once yesterday, but that's okay because I don't know how you keep the numbers from repeating as it has to be difficult at times. Glad you are doing and not me because it would be a total disaster. 

Please sign me up for next week and see you all on Monday. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Thanks prisonnurse,no more B-7"s I edited, could have been worse I

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Congrats to Miliannie🎉 Jen I have a Cover All on Card # 89

B   I.  N.  G. O

6  27 32 60 74

8. 24 35 59 73

12 29 Free 48 66

7.  22 37   50. 69

10 18 34.  47 71

Confirm please and if there's any more winners Congrats to you 🎉

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ladyfox58,This is a GOOD BINGO!

bingogirl.gif  WAY TO GO! YOU ARE THE 2nd WINNER!

Bronze Conversationalist

Bingo Card 98

B 12, 9, 6, 4, 5

I 25, 19, 26, 17, 30

N 33, 35, Free, 38, 43

G 55, 47, 58, 46, 56

O 75, 67, 65, 70, 61

Please sign me up for the next game

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


Honored Social Butterfly

congratulations_fireworks.gif convertiblegal!


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