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Vive la Difference

A wizened man and woman meticulously pick up hundreds of tiny unscathed red seeds littering the sidewalk; a brazen roller skater theatrically zigs and zags on one of the main thoroughfares; a gorgeously tanned young woman pedals on a bike with an attached extra-long surf board extending over two lanes of traffic; an entranced elderly  man sacramentally twists his hands in arabesque configurations while crossing the street; a chubby cop unselfconsciously waddles toward his police car, an old couple slowly steps along, the husband tenderly putting his hand on his wife’s shoulder to support and guide her into a condo entrance; an infant affectionately waves to me from its stroller; a torso toweled middle-aged man swings his hips to sixties music played poolside at a swanky hotel; a dove eagerly pecks at another one, both of them soon snuggling on the grass; and a mother hen and her chicks slide unmolested through narrow holes that fence off the zoo.

The variety of movement that I daily observe on the streets of Waikiki sometimes is a hoot. Other times it is endearing. It can even be surreal. I never tire of the array of people and animals that cross my path. The sidewalks may not be stairways to heaven: but they afford me a glimpse of the blooming vitality of life throughout Hawaii, a perennial paradise for the onlooker.

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