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Two elevator groups on Facebook

I know that most elevator enthusiasts are in their 20s.  And I am the oldest one in both groups.  One of the admins in the one I am in is sick and tired of the garbage that the kids are making in the group.  I am involved in 2 elevator groups.  One is "An Elevator Group with Friends I Trust".  the other is the Official Elevator enthusiast group.  Some people think that the elevator community is a wierd hobby.  But it is a great one.  It is made of a bunch of people showing respect for the machine that we rely on.  If you join, the admin on the group, An elevator group with friends I trust would love to have you.  There are even tour guides that are our age that could serve to the younger generation some history about each place.  Just think even an Uber or Lyft vehicle for the elevator enthusiasts would be a 1967 Dodge A 100 or a 1970 Ford Econline or even a 1962 International Superior with inward/outward doors.  


Here is the link:

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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