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Tubi is a free streaming service with advertising.  I didn't see any commercials until after the first week and, then, the commercials only occupied about 1% of the time.  In contrast, broadcast TV is over 25% commercials, not including obnoxious banners and logos.


Tubi has a very large selection of science fiction, mostly B movies and old cable TV series. 


I watched the 20 year old sci-fi comedy series, Lexx, which was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. They don't make comedy like that anymore.


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Since I first posted this thread, the commercials on Tubi have become almost as frequent as those on broadcast TV.  I have little tolerance for TV commercials and will no longer watch Tubi for that reason. 


I am absolutely amazed by the general public's tolerance for TV commercials.  Since the 1980s, I have been recording broadcast TV shows (first, on VCR tapes) and then fast forwarding through commercials.


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The whole thing is confusing ! I just posted, wondering how to cut cable, but combine tv, phone, internet service and still save $$. Thinking of Netflix, but come up blank on phone, internet. 🤔

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We bundled everything through Spectrum and so far we like it.

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I enjoy Cybil there, from time to time. I especially like Christine Baranski. I know she stars in some new series but I haven't watched many TV series in years. Breaking Bad may have been my last one. But shows like Cybil and Seinfeld, though it may not be on Tubi, were always entertaining since you needn't have followed the whole series to enjoy the shows. Tubi is a really good service!

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