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Trick My Truck is short of seasons on Amazon


Trick My Truck is short of seasons on Amazon

Trick my Truck was a TV show that used to be on CMT.  We can recall the famous three words before the truck re-builds.  And that was "LETS TEAR DOWN!"  Amazon sadly only has seasons 3 thru 5.  I am glad they are honoring drivers that once served in the military and drivers of all ages.  The 3rd season did have one driver that was black and that was the Jackson towing service.  The first season features a woman who was a truck driver.  And the second one even features a wider variety of ethnicity.  There were even two trucks in the second season that were converted into small motorhomes.  One of them even represents one of the old Bonnie and Clyde movies.  It seems that with Amazon, you have to be rich to get seasons 1 and 2.  They know that is not fair.  I sent them two letters, and just so I stay out of trouble, I spaced my two letters to them a few weeks apart.  But here is a petition that you may want to sign to tell those clowns at Amazon that they need to have all five seasons open to everybody.

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