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Three Irresponsible Women

Three Irresponsible Women

The other day in Waikiki after I had completed half of my first lap walking around the block, I felt ill at ease. Whoa! I had left my face mask at my Leisure Heritage condo unit. I quickly strode home, found my most trusty mask, and lunged into an empty elevator that can at most accommodate two people ala COVID-19 restrictions. Two stops down, an unmasked fairly alluring young woman entered, a board member whom I had often seen running outside without her mask. I’m sure that she, being on the board, knew that it is mandatory to wear a mask inside the common condo confines, elevators included. But why worry about spreading a little contamination here and there, eh?

Instead of putting on a mask after seeing me, she murmured a hello and soon exited. Ironically, as she reached the hallway, she donned a mask. Go figure! But the array of unmasked lady scofflaws had just begun.

As I renewed my walk, I saw an unmasked slovenly and slightly disoriented woman come up beside me. Before I had a chance to get further away from her, she spit on the road, oblivious to any virulent transmission. Yuck! Before she had a chance to spit again, I strategically bypassed her.

Continuing around the corner, I spied a hard-bitten, bony unmasked woman who was pushing a cart with heaps of encrusted recyclables. She was walking parallel to me and at least 10 feet away from me; she was on the sidewalk, and I was on the street close to the parked cars. Without warning, she started to directly approach me. When I tried to avoid her, she came at me a vengeance. I was so flustered that I abruptly tried to wave her away. Thankfully, she got message and left me as she rumbled across the street.

I was so fortunate to have met these three women while I had my mask on. If I had encountered them during my initial lap, I might have been so much more susceptible to Covid-19, a virus that can sneak up to you at any time.

I have to remind myself to be more vigilant. You never know when a femme fatale (attractive or otherwise) might confront you unawares.



































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