Recognized Social Butterfly


A Courteous Cop

During the second half of my power walk today in Waikiki, I was buffeted by strong winds. I began to tire. At one point, as I was about to walk across a one-way street, a cop gestured for me to halt. A car had apparently just entered that street in the wrong direction; the cop made sure that the driver could safely back up into traffic. After no more than a minute, the cop then beckoned me to proceed. Then he apologized for the delay: “Sir, I’m sorry you had to wait.” What a tribute to the Aloha Spirit! Bolstered by those kind words, I had renewed strength against the headwinds.

As far as I was concerned, the officer deserved a copper medal.


From Negative to Positive at the Post Office

Yesterday, mask firmly in place, I was in line at the post office. Soon I noticed elsewhere an unmasked elderly woman trying unsuccessfully to use a self-service machine.  I wasn’t too concerned about her violation of the mask mandate because she was still far away from me. But she soon got closer, harassing a couple of postal workers who happened to be nearby. Without warning, she then sidled up right next to me.

Appalled, I growled at the unwelcomed woman to put on a mask and to stay away from me. Scowling, she went back to the self-service machine. I was relieved to see her go.

When I had finished my business, I headed to the exit. The hag was right behind me. When I turned around, I saw that thankfully she had a mask on. Maybe she had it all along but opted not to wear it earlier, or perhaps someone had given her one. In any case, she no longer was agitated. I guess she had finally triumphed at the self-service machine. Despite our earlier unpleasant encounter, I acted graciously. I pushed open the door and kept it open for her. She didn’t seem to have any ill will towards me as well; when she passed by, she affectionately smiled and said in Hawaiian the greeting for merry Christmas: Mele Kalikimaka.  I wanted to reciprocate, but she scurried away.

After an initial setback, I can post this: The Aloha Spirit remained alive and well yesterday in Waikiki.









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