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Yesterday, Amazon informed my wife that an upright fan that she had ordered was to arrive at 8pm. In the meantime, she was using a small but powerful fan that I delight in when I take a steamy shower.

As I entered my Leisure Heritage condo lobby after finishing a sweaty afternoon walk, I spied a UPS man carrying an elongated box as he approached the doorway. Even though he was properly wearing a mask, I didn’t want to be in the same cramped elevator with him. Luckily, there immediately was an available elevator to whisk me away just before the currier made it into the lobby. Whew!

I wanted to take a shower when I arrived at my condo unit, but because my wife was still employing and tremendously enjoying my fan, I had to wait. By 5pm, I was getting restless.

Hoping that the ordered fan had come early, I decided to check the lobby mailbox. I didn’t get very far. When I opened my door, I saw a boxed fan. It looked suspiciously like the one the currier had been lugging. Dah! Without knocking, he had obviously placed the fan next to my door only a few seconds after I had entered the room.

I quickly removed the packaging, switched fans with my wife, and finally luxuriated in my daily hot shower.

If I had been more observant at the outset, I might have seen that the UPS item was indeed a fan, most likely the one my wife had ordered.  And if I had been less paranoid about COVID-19, I might have waited for the man to join me in the elevator instead of escaping from him.  

But if I had done so, I would have lost the opportunity to relish and write about the abundant ironies that radiate (fan out) around me in Waikiki.



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