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Starbucks made a mistake during a pandemic


Starbucks made a mistake during a pandemic

We love our coffee.  But Starbucks is making a great big mistake.  And sometimes the CEO doesn't want to own up to it.  They say it's the politicians fault.  We know COVID-19 is a very ugly virus and has caused a lot of trouble.  Now since some cities are calling for lifting the indoor dining ban and now with vaccines being distributed, they are going as far a scrapping the indoor dining ban.  Which is very good due to that there are times when the weather can be uncooperative.  Starbucks should have set up a way to either reopen the dining room when the weather outside is nasty or something or buy heaters and light those and find a way to keep the tables and seats dry when it rains.  Some people may get the impression that with indoor dining being temporarily closed, they are going to think it's closed permanently.  Now if you think that refusing to reopen indoor dining is stupid, I think you may want to sign this petition.

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