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Let’s Put an F in Front of Words Beginning with ART.

While in Boston, my wife and I are planning to tour The Museum of Fine Arts in a few days. Contemplating our visit while riding in our rental car yesterday, I recalled the expression artsy-fartsy. Then I began to think of adding an “f” in front of words beginning with art. I was amused with the following constructions:

If you can’t pass gas, you are fartless.

If you can’t stand smelling passed gas, you are liable to fartichoke.

If you have an excess of gas, you are a fartist and are fartful.

Where do these gaseous emissions come from? A fartesian well.

The art of passing gas is called fartifice or fartwork.

Tremendous gas passing is fartillery.

Where does gas pass through? A fartery.

A small fart is a farteriole.

An ancient fart is a fartifact.

If you are an expert at passing gas, you are farticulate.

Any part of a fart is a farticle.

If you have lots of trouble passing gas, you have farteriosclerosis.

If you have avant-garde farts, you are a fart nouveau.


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Recognized Social Butterfly

Here's some more:

Maskadam—a fig leaf to cover Adam’s shame

Maskerbaiter—a person who taunts someone wearing a mask

Maskination—covering up a plot

Maskmelon—a mystery fruit

Masktectomy—eradication of masks

Maskersuite—reserved for people who don masks

Masker race—the elite who wear masks

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