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Redemptive Moments on the Gridiron

O.J. Simpson has been demonized for years after the brouhaha of his criminal trial. But before his notorious descent, every time that he made a touchdown in his pro football career, he behaved admirably like a mensch.

Recently, I watched YouTube replays of O.J.s most spectacular touchdowns as a Buffalo Bill. I was amazed at how adept he was at manhandling, outwitting, and outrunning tacklers as he tenaciously raced to the goal line.

Today, any NFL player who scores a touchdown revels in melodramatic gestures: he spikes the ball, or theatrically flings it into the crowd, or does a soft shoe, or seductively prances about while rotating his hips, or just runs around in circles.

What did O.J. do? He simply and gently let go of the ball as he entered the end zone. Such humility!  What an antidote to the choreographed (and sometimes clownish) antics of today’s players after they make a touchdown. What a travesty!

Sadly, sportsmanship has been replaced by one-upmanship.


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I read this with much interest, as while I never thought OJ was responsible for the murders, I've found his publicly reported behavior since his release from Nevada DOC appalling.


I did not believe he was responsible; their daughter was on the same t-ball team as our two daughters, and observing his father mode, no matter what, he would not have chanced those children (who he worshiped) finding their mother like that. 


I also think undiagnosed brain injury from his football career may have later manifested into his actions that led to his incarceration in Nevada.


Which leads me to wonder if the NFL is even considering the damage done? When Antonio Brown was first promoted he was a stand out; then as his antics became more likely damaging, they "cut him loose"... where was the mental health help? Now he's persona non grata...


I guess I'm wondering why, as "employers" sports leagues / teams are apparently exempt from required FMLA, EOEC, and OSHA? It was so obvious 3 years ago Antonio Brown needed mental health assistance; where was his employer?


Young amazing Henry Ruggs III, who could have hired a Humvee and driver...


And as recently as this weekend a winning qb was arrested...


I apologize for taking this to a different thing, but this is a subject that disturbs me whenever I find it; I want it to be front and central for us until we find a way to prevent terrible outcomes for these young athletes.


This is NOT excusing but wanting to find answers why this repeats.



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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I totally get where you are coming from Schlomo.  I usta be bothered by the ever-increasing clown antics too.  Finally, I decided I'd just ignore them.  That works for me.

While on the football subject - may I give a small shout-out for My terrible Raiders who yesterday proved the old axiom:  "It is better to be lucky than smart".  


Stay Loose,


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