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Prolonged Encounters at Long’s Drugs in Waikiki

Trying to exchange a couple of Aloha shirts yesterday was a convoluted mess. Just one customer was ahead of me, but she was wrangling with the cashier about how much money her coupons were worth in buying some candy bars. The cashier was convinced that her own calculations were accurate. The customer demanded a recount. What was the discrepancy that caused such a brouhaha? Only a few pennies. Despite the meager difference, a computational tug of war ensued. Both women became flustered and flummoxed trying to break through the stalemate. Eventually, the clerk vacated her post to consult with her superiors, leaving the customer first grumbling to herself and then, much to my dismay, to me. I shrugged my shoulders and said it was a shame that sometimes coupons can be more of a liability than a help. The customer was not comforted.

When the cashier reemerged, she rejiggered the receipt so that the customer was now satisfied. Bravo to all concerned!

Now it was my turn with the same cashier. I was a little apprehensive about how the coupons I had used would be applied, but all I needed was to replace two extra-large shirts with two large ones at the identical price: a simple exchange, right? Well, just as with the former customer, the cashier fumbled about before completing the transaction. Those pesky coupons must have challenged her. When she was finished, she informed me that I had to pay an extra fifty-seven dollars for the new shirts. Whoa! I emphatically told the clerk to recheck the coupons (I had used three of them the other day). She did so, and found an error. I now owed thirty-seven dollars. At least she had made some progress, but I insisted that she had to recalculate. A bit overwhelmed, the cashier enlisted the support of another coworker. After a bout of urgent whispering, they were able to reduce what I owed to twenty dollars. I adamantly refused to pay that much as well. Stymied, both clerks called their supervisor. When she arrived with her own calculator, she plugged in all of the coupons and determined that I indeed could make an even exchange. In fact, I had come out eleven pennies ahead. Finally, my ordeal was over.

There was one other piece of unfinished business, however. Spending so much time at the counter had triggered my bladder. I knew that there was no bathroom facility for customers at Long’s Drug. So I told the supervisor about my emergent condition and then politely asked her if I could use the men’s room accordingly (I figured that the management owed it to me after getting the runaround from its employees). She graciously agreed with my request and escorted me into the restroom.

At any rate, I’m glad that I didn’t need coupons (or a crowbar) to enter the men’s room. Shoppers beware: if you have coupons, it’s best to buy clothing at a store that has a fitting room. That way, you reduce the chances of having to make an exchange. Another bonus would be a customer bathroom. That way, there would be no rush to leave the store prematurely.

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If you are talking about CVS the drug store chain, they usually screw up the application of any coupons to which you are entitled. If they don't short-change you, then they insist that the coupons are not eligible for redemption. Had one the other day that the cashier validated was a valid coupon but the register wouldn't accept it. She finally got the register to accept it but then it invalidated another coupon that I had appropriately stacked with it. She finally had to get the Manager to do an over-ride. By then, there was a slew of people in line behind me. I didn't care as this type of thing happens with regularity at CVS.

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