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National Send a Card to a Friend Day ✉︎ [Feb 7]

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National Send a Card to a Friend Day ✉︎ [Feb 7]


National Send A Card To A Friend Day on February 7th reminds us to send friendly cheer through the mail. We do that by sending a note or message on a card to the friends we hold dear. Throughout the year, we often think about our friends. We wonder how they are, miss them, and remember fond memories of times shared.


Sending a card to someone for a variety of reasons dates back to ancient times. The Chinese would send elegantly designed messages as well as the Egyptians, though on different types of paper.


During the Renaissance, greeting cards gained popularity for specific holidays and events. Victorian times increased the use of the greeting card for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and more.


While our more digital era may turn away from the flowery language of greeting cards, a surprising 80 percent of adults still purchase them.  [source: National Day Calendar]



[source: National Day Calendar


Send a card to your friends! You can buy cards at a store, or you can make them yourself. Whichever way you choose, set aside a few minutes to write a short note or a long note in a card and send one to make a friend’s day! Use #SendACardToAFriendDay to post on social media.


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You've got a friend. Don't you know you've got a friend. Yeah, yeah,'ve got a friend.


Now, go mail that card! (*・ω・)✎ ✉︎







Hey, Friend - I made a card just for you!  ⤵️


thinking of you.jpg 


Hooray! 🎉

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