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My Own Burning Bush

This Sunday, before arriving for lunch at a Hare Krishna consciousness temple in Honolulu, I listened to an NPR segment about the CIA’s covert use (in the 1950’s and 60’s) of LSD and other mind-altering drugs to counter the threat of Soviet espionage. My wife, who found out that the temple served lunch only on weekdays, stayed to take a tour of the facility. I instead was able to uplift my spirits outside the building, without the use of chemical enhancers.

Directly in front of the entrance I noticed a canopied tree with hundreds of notched small green leaves that glowed iridescently in the sun. I was entranced with its encapsulated beauty, its magical aura. No breeze distracted me from this sublime stillness. 

After a few minutes, I decided to look at the tree from other angles. There wasn’t even a trace of the coruscating coloration that had so moved me. The same greenery from these different vantage points was dull and dispiriting.

I quickly returned to my original view, delighted to find that nothing had dimmed the efflorescent leaves. I was able to regain my nature-induced heightened consciousness. But even more pleasure was in store for me.

The wind picked up. The leaves began to sway in unison, stirring my heart, beckoning me to join them. I was elated once more. And when I listened attentively, I think I heard an enticing humming similar to the Om mantra. Whoa!

If the CIA ever wants to extract some hidden truths from me, there would be no mind-bending drugs needed. Just place me in any magnificent, hypnotic spot in nature.

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