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Yesterday, sporting my most durable mask, I walked to Longs Drugs in Waikiki (zigzagging all the way to avoid close contact with anyone, masked or otherwise). At one point, I came across two equally masked young ladies who were amiably chatting. Suddenly, it got very windy. Although my shaloha-embroidered cap (shalom plus aloha) stayed on tight, one of the young ladies wasn’t that fortunate. Her lightweight broad-brimmed hat streaked off her head. Before it landed on the main road, I halfheartedly tried to snag it; but it flew far out of my reach. The young woman must have adored her hat: she frantically chased it down just before some cars sped by.

Despite my lame attempt to catch the hat in mid-air, the other woman warmly thanked me for my effort. Such a sweet gesture! I didn’t wait for any more possible kudos from her no longer distraught friend. I was already delayed. I buoyantly resumed my walk, pleased that I once again met a stranger who embodied the spirit of aloha.

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