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I'm glad I like myself

I'm not perfect and of course there is room for improvement, however, I like myself. This is different from loving myself, cause I do love myself.


Me liking myself was confirmed recently when I was told you have a pretty face but I’m heartbroken because your body type is thick and not thin (paraphrased).


Now, I’ve never been told this before.  However, I have always had hips, butt, big legs etc. and I'm well aware of my thickness.  My roots are in New Orleans so I inherited all this. As an adult, I have been as small as a size two.  I didn't like that look - I looked sick.


To my surprise, I wasn’t upset with this person, in fact, I found myself smiling because I discovered that these words didn’t hurt me and I was okay with them saying this. I am confident in who I am.  In fact I appreciated their honesty. People have different taste, and for those who don’t like something, there will be just as many who do. I didn’t feel sorry for myself or anything like that. What came to mind was...I'm glad I like myself.


I do believe it is important to trim down as you age for improved health.  I’ve been working on this and up until COVID 19, I was walking at least twice a day and making headway.  Eating right - etc. etc.  Along came COVID 19 and I had a setback. Sitting more while working from home, eating later in the day,  I got off track.  I’m back now and back to exercising. 


Sharing all this to say…don’t feel bad if you are pushing 70 and have a few extra pounds. At the same time, do what you can to be as healthy as you can.  The good thing is AARP offers a vase number of resources to help us do just that. 


Now, go to the mirror and whatever your body type, smile and give yourself a big hug. 


Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful Fathers!!

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Its a nice feeling to be liked by others but yes it's more satisfying when you like yourself 

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I have liked myself and not liked myself take it from me liking yourself is better. 

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Thank you Ms. Lynne - you are certainly right on that. 

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Thank You Ms. ToniS. And yes the best days are yet to come no matter how we look. What matters most is how we feel 🙂

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You look Great @ToniS570313 . I truly believe none of us are perfect. I could stand to lose a few pounds but I'm happy as I am. Having struggled with alcohol abuse in my younger days I love the person I've grown into. Happiness is within and if you can radiate that happiness in your daily life, it makes life even better. So I like myself, I love myself regardless how people see me. And Ms @ToniS570313 there's nothing wrong with being thick. Thick is Beautiful 🙂🌹🌹

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Thank you Mr. Oscar.  Congrats on overcoming your alcohol abuse.  Let's keep living our best life!

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