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After I left the physical therapist’s office in downtown Honolulu last week, I tentatively walked a few blocks to the nearest bus stop. I can rarely maintain my normal pace after my fall in June. Often I regret my slowing down, but not the other day.

As I approached a municipal building flanked by massive mimosa trees, a large limb splattered on the sidewalk a few feet ahead of me. If I had been walking as vigorously as I regularly used to, I might well have been severely hurt. A temporary limp sure beats internal injuries or worse. I will never forget that a dislodged branch from a palm tree once impaled a woman to death near the International Market Place in Waikiki.

If you take your time, you might have a chance to smell the roses. You might also have the good fortune to avoid an accident.  

There is another benefit in having to decrease my walking speed during my long period of recovery: I am no longer antsy and frustrated if a traffic light delays me. In fact, I now welcome the respite. When I was aerobically exercising in my prime, I truly believed in the mantra no pain, no gain. Now that my body at age 78 is much more vulnerable to physical ailments, I believe the reverse: no pain is gain.

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