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Yesterday my half-hour circular walk in Waikiki was unusually eventful. Striding through the wind during my first lap, I was astounded to see ahead of me heavy ragged limbs that had been severed from a huge mimosa tree. The debris covered part of the road and most of the sidewalk. I felt very fortunate: if I had been walking in that area 10 minutes earlier, I might have been injured from the fallen boughs.

During my last lap, as I was appropriately crossing an intersection, a motorist, ignoring the red light and the sign that says no left turn, plunged ahead, almost sideswiping me in the process. I was furious, but I didn’t curse or raise my fist. Instead, I rechanneled.  It was a blessing that I was still alive, shaken but unhurt. Of course, my grandchildren would tell you that according to the extravagantly harrowing stories that I have regaled them with over the years, my nine lives were used up long ago.

Danger potentially abides anywhere I am.  Venturing outside the bubble of my home could remotely be a misadventure. The same applies if I stay put. Most likely, I will remain unscathed. For that, I am abundantly grateful. May the odds be with me and with you!



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