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Glamour and Grunge in Las Vegas

I had assumed that the Las Vegas strip would be a jumble of tacky, fake, unoriginal, extravagant monstrosities. But after strolling through many of the upscale chic hotels/casinos, I was delighted with the splendid European décor. I marveled at the monolithic roman statues buttressing the luxurious complex at Caesar’s Palace, the gondolier’s robust singing as he rounded the canals at the Venetian, the marble columns at the swanky Bellagio. I expected to be repulsed by the Strip; instead, I was attracted to its genuinely romantic glitter.

What a contrast to the funky Fremont Street Experience, a mini mishmash of heady Woodstock and uninhibited Mardi Gras.  People were shuffling, zigzagging, prancing, and boogying to the omnipresent deafening rock music. Scantily clad erotic sideshow artists (male and female) enticed onlookers with whips and chains and photo shots. A huge canopy with flashing, shifting psychedelic scenes covered most of the main drag.

Las Vegas is teeming with an infinite variety of tourist attractions and distractions. Vive la difference!

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TY friend schlomo! This is exactly what we want everyone to know! 


But, first, I must correct your post: Caesars does not include the apostrophe, per our (CPLV) founder's recognition Caesar wanted to include all people, so Caesars Palace would include all...


...apart from that, thank you for the reviews as they show Las Vegas is no different than any other major city.


We have arts, entertainment, social, religious, and political activities, just as any other major city...


I'd advise any tourist to research "off strip" lodging and entertainment; you'll be surprised (cost / entertainment).


Again, ty for this post; we need the tourism and you definitely boosted our "Fabulous Las Vegas"!



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

I don't gamble but I love Las Vegas. It is a unique and mysterious city.😃


"Las Vegas is no different than any other major city?" No way!☹️

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