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An Unnerving Moment

The other day while I was shopping, I recognized a jolly married woman whom I used to chat with at one of the Honolulu 24-hour fitness centers. She lives nearby, and she always says hello to me when she happens to see me on my daily walks.

At the store, her mask didn’t cover her mouth, so I stayed a few feet away from her. Indignant, she barked at me for being so finicky. Didn’t I trust her? I said that one of my fully vaccinated friends had just died from Covid-19, so I had to protect myself even though I had recently received a booster shot.

She calmed down at bit and then asked me if she could give me a ride home. Wouldn’t that be better than having to walk half a mile back to my condo? I politely thanked her, but explained that walking home was part of my routine for the day. Undeterred, she insisted that I ride with her. I was taken aback, but I stood my ground. I once more said that I preferred to walk. She grudgingly relented, gave me a curt goodbye, and strode off in a huff.

I didn’t purposely try to offend her. But I think that I was wise to be cautious and keep to myself.

I wonder how my erstwhile bubbly friend will react if we encounter each other again. I hope that she would be as pleasant as she used to be. I’d like to think that her uncharacteristic ire towards me merely reflected that she was having a bad day.

I don’t like conflict, but my instinct for self-preservation clicks in when I sense any kind of potential danger, even when it’s not from a stranger, even if it leads to estrangement.


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Dear @schlomo I experience the same feelings when I encounter people I used to trust. You are correct in protecting yourself and anyone you are close to, imho...


We still don't know when this will be over; we do know it continues to spread in multiple variations. People sometimes feel the need to rebel, as if the government is not looking out for their best interests, as some are now. I have NEVER believed more in my United States Government than now.


As a "flower child", I deplored the government in the 70s; actually hated it. But as most of us age, I know we have to have some type of legal and social systems.


I feel we don't have either of those accomplished, which might, imho, be why the pandemic has continued and why 6-Jan has been a leading factor in the pandemic continuing.


Again, just mho...


I wear a mask to protect others before myself; I'm older and according to WHO and CDC reports could spread even while vaccinated. Some see masks as being judgmental or standoffish; I don't believe that is true for most who wear masks. For me it's about what is best for my fellow humans in the current status, period; I want my youngest granddaughter and soon-to-arrive grandson to be safe.


That cannot happen until we survive this pandemic. We cannot survive this pandemic divided.



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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