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A Toxic Brew in Waikiki

Normally it is very pleasant at the Elks Club, except for a few noisy celebrants. But yesterday afternoon was quite disturbing. A loud-mouthed, soused, burly guy at the bar repeatedly spouted obscenities as he caroused with some buddies. That was obnoxious enough. What was written on his T-shirt, however, was even more disgusting: “I Shaved my Junk for This?’’

I was appalled. After a while, I told the front desk about the man’s abusive language and the scatological caption on his shirt. The manager agreed with me that the man’s cursing and the blatant reference to his genitals were inappropriate, but no one rebuked him. I certainly didn’t have the authority to do so, tempted as I was to confront him about his reprehensible behavior.

After a few minutes, the man left on his own. Good riddance! He reminded me of many of the ruffians who used to bully me with impunity when I was in grammar school. I hope that I never see him again drinking and bad-mouthing at the bar. If I do, I’d like to sidle up to him and make sure that he saw my T-shirt with the following inscription: “Beware of the Junkyard Dog at the Bar.’’


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