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A Profusion of Clouds

Throughout the sunset this evening, a kaleidoscope of variously tinted clouds were ingeniously scattered along the sky. This prolific display comforted me as I continued my arthritically bedraggled walk around the block. At first, I didn’t have time to look up. I had to navigate around dogs trampling on their long leashes, erratic skateboarders, and some couples who were harassing each other. But after I turned the corner, I was thankfully alone, and boy was it worth the hassle to get there.

Directly overhead, dark gray pulsating clouds wrapped around themselves, resembling the bottom half of India; as I looked to my right, swatches of baby blue sky emerged behind rivulets of light grey clouds; Further back, soft pink clouds brushed against the Koolau mountain tops; as I walked towards the ocean, a sheet of creamy orange clouds, a rarity in Waikiki, momentarily hung over the ocean.

I have seen these cloud colors before but never in the potpourri that they formed last night. The spectacle lasted for only a few minutes, but I delighted in every metamorphosis.

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