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A Juxtaposition of Opposites

Yesterday in Waikiki, a good encounter offset a bad one as I was walking around the block.

To avoid getting close to people who are not wearing (or improperly wearing) face masks, I scuttle from the sidewalk to the street, remaining as close as I can to the edge of the road.

At one point I saw a moving van approach me as I was striding right next to some parked cars. The burly driver snarled at me: “Move over!” He could obviously see that I had no room to maneuver, unless I plastered myself to one of the empty cars.

After I grumbled to myself that the man was a jerk, I got back on the sidewalk. Not too far ahead of me, I spied a properly masked infirm elderly lady who was painstakingly walking towards me with a cane. Before I had a chance to give her some space, she stopped, hobbled onto an inclined grassy area, and waited for me to pass by her. I was touched by her self-effacing courtesy. What a contrast to the mean-spirited driver of the van! I responded by saluting her with a distanced high five: she did the same.  

Whenever I witness unexpected acts of kindness in Hawaii, I am heartened that the spirit of Aloha continues to surface in delightful ways.


Honored Social Butterfly

That is very sweet.  <-- at least this is what I initially thought.  She was being courteous.  But then I wondered if she was moving so far out of the way because she is used to others "not" giving her some space.  😞  

Either way, I am heartened by your positive gesture to her, and her response.  She knows at least you were kind and appreciative.  And I hope that made her day the same way she made yours.  🙂 

Recognized Social Butterfly

Very thought provoking.

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