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I recently got a loaner from Mazda while mine was in the repair shop for a couple of weeks. Both cars were similar, except that the replacement was black instead of maroon and a little smaller.

Last night, after leaving Longs Drugs, I searched for the loaner that my wife had parked somewhere in spacious lot. Within minutes, I found it. I knocked on the window to alert my wife that I had returned. But she wasn’t inside. Instead, I saw a two people who were stupefied to see an unknown man accosting them. I was just as startled as they were. Chagrined, I effusively apologized for the intrusion, explaining that their car in the dark looked like mine, whether it was the loaner or my own vehicle languishing in the shop.

Reeling from my mistake, I again tried to locate the loaner. I finally was successful, spying my wife firmly implanted in the driver’s seat. Just as I was ready to slide into the sedan, the couple that I had surprised came towards me. Both of them asked if I needed any help finding the right vehicle. If so, they would be happy to assist me.

Such kindness from strangers whom I had inadvertently alarmed! I thanked them for being so concerned for my welfare. The Aloha Spirit prevails in the strangest of situations in the least expected places.


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