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40 Things Every Fearless Woman Should Know

The Girlfriend from AARP recently polled friends and family to put together a list of 40 things every fearless woman should know by 40. Some of our favorites include how to inspire others, how to read a stock portfolio, to appreciate your laugh lines and more!

Did we miss anything? What would you like other women to know? Share your best advice here!

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Everybody has an opinion of their friends life choices.  Just be careful to voice your opinion honestly without jealousy and never behind a friends back.  The old adage if you want to make and keep a friend, ''If you have nothing nice to say, ''Don't say anything.''   If your whole life is gossiping about others, get a life!  People have been talking about me my whole life.  Some compliments, some disapproval,  I've tried to live my life authentically.  My authenticity may be fodder for gossips, but I authentically don't care.😋


It is refreshing when we can be whom we want to be. People who gossip have shortcomings in their own lives and are simply jealous of your choices!
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How to "discuss" politics with knowledge. Actually, I don't even care to discuss politics but we should know how to reseach candidates and do our best to vote with those who align with our ideals. 

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How to be completely comfortable in your own skin and be able to laugh at yourself.

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