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redeeming points

I was earning and redeeming points for the monthly awards.  Then I got an email saying my points were expiring because the program was changing.  I used my points and started earning new points for the current program.  I continued to redeem for the sporadic three monthly rewards but some times I could not find anything I liked.  I was earning the max of 7500 daily points, about 220,000 monthly points.  Even redeeming a few things now and then I had amassed over 2 million points.  Then another email informed me that the new program had expiration dates for the points.  I scrambled to start using my points.  I still could only redeem for 3 free gift cards from various merchants.  There were other items to redeem as well but they did not interest me.  And another change in the program was the three items I redeemed for could not be the same item.  So I started redeeming for the instant win and the sweepstakes.  I would enter the sweepstakes and instant wins daily, using about 7500 points, the same amount I was earning.  So I was holding steady, and with the three monthly free cards I might have used less than 50,000 for those items.  I am still hovering close to the 2 million points but using points daily.  The sweepstakes have not been a winner for me, but I have won in the instant win.  I had been entering points about 8 months and one day I won.  Then I won again.  A few months later I won again.  In 12 plus months of daily playing I have earned about 6 or 7 times.  Most are smaller $10 prizes.  The card info is sent to my email and I print it and either use it or save it to use for holiday gifts.  I am hoping the recipients are enjoying them.  I do not have a smartphone but the info might also be sent that way.


The pandemic is making me think twice about which merchants to choose from.  Many businesses have closed and these gift cards are now useless.  So when I see a gift card offer I consider if I will use it soon enough or if I am saving it for a future transaction, will it still be in business?  Many cards can also be used online but you need to check that company website to make sure you can use the cards online.  Some have limits on how many gift cards you can use in one transaction.  So if you are saving all those small denomination cards for a future transaction, check that you can redeem as many as you have in one transaction.


I have used points towards restaurant coupons.  But I have arrived with coupon in hand only to be told "we no longer accept this".  Even if I printed it that day!  So I always call the restaurant to verify before printing the coupon (and using my points).


There are reduced gift cards that AARP offers but I have not  redeemed any that way.


You can also make a "donation" to AARP with some of these offers.  You can only do this once a month.


I have gifted magazine subscriptions as well.


Lately the monthly rewards are limited to one instead of three of the same.  Even if I am on the website the first day, many times the item is already sold out!  If you are persistent and visit the site daily or almost daily, there is a good chance that new items will be offered.  Try to visit the website as early as possible.  If you snooze, you loose.


Good luck in your redemption adventures!

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Not sure if you can consider this as a tip or just maybe an observation.
After it became clear that all management was going to offer us with the points only gift cards were the paltry $5 gift cards, I like a few others here in this forum tended to wait and see what may come up later in the month, hoping for a gift card that we could really make use of or needed.
Anyway that proved to be a bad idea, as the month progressed the rewards got less and the vendors were not very popular or were available only in limited areas.

Unfortunately, with only 3 redemption's per month this resulted in many members missing the opportunity to redeem all of their 3 redemption's for that month.
To that end I am suggesting my tip is that we remember the old adage

" A bird in the hand etc etc ......... Image-1 (1).pngand if at all possible
redeem all of your monthly redemption's as soon as you complete the ridiculous and unnecessary extra credits for that month
Be sure to Google any unfamiliar sponsor for its brick & mortar or online store as shipping charges could be excessive
while the physical location could be inaccessible to you.
Sadly I think this administrator has forgotten what the letters AARP stands for.
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