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Spending Time in Nature May Improve Your Brain Health



Did you know that your brain health may be impacted by how you spend your time? Research shows that spending just 2 hours in nature every week may improve your brain health. Interested in other brain health tips? Get more tips on brain health from AARP® Staying Sharp included with AARP® Membership.



One morning every week I have been doing Yoga in the Park.  Love laying on my matt viewing the beautiful trees and blue sky while practicing the asanas. There is a stream and small waterfall in the background.  We practice in a glen back from the main park so the area is a little removed from the park traffic. Love hearing the water, the birds greet the day and sometimes even the man who plays the bagpipes serenades us from afar.  Its pure bliss....and then the rest of my day happens 🙃 




In 2019 my sweetheart Jean rock climbed outdoors the same number of times as her age -- 69. 

Alas, because of COVID-19 19, this year will probably not see 70 days out on the cliffs for us. 
But a few weeks ago, reasoning that doing self-contained car camping near a sparsely used climbing area would pose no greater risks to ourselves or others than staying home, we did a fabulous trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota (Ȟe Sápa). 
Indeed, time in nature is great for health and wellbeing. 

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Taking the road less traveled gives me a great chance to enjoy nature.


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I volunteer for the Delaware Nature Society's Hawk Watch. We climb up a high hill among the Piedmont range (a migratory pathway), & with or without binoculars, the vista is beautiful. Watching the bald eagles soar is a special treat (alhtough my favorite raptor is the red-tailed hawk). 


Hi there! I live in the Boston Massachusetts area. I have been lucky enough to see one red tailed hawk who visits about once a week this year. Usually while I'm floating in my pool our on the yard gardening. Sometimes he is accompanied by a Gray Hawk as well .  I attributed this to the population explosion.  It's quite a treat! 

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I could see myself sitting there most of a day just watching the birds. Perfect.


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Put food for birds in the backyard with a birdbath. Can watch them eat, drink, sleep, and just walk around while they ignore the squirrel. Doves make a wonderful cooing sound too. It gives me peace and joy to watch them and know that in my backyard they are safe even when an occasional raven comes by. 

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