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We all know that exercise is good for us, but it’s often hard to fit it into a busy schedule. Just a 30-minute walk can have major health benefits for your brain and body. Taking a walk three times a week has been shown to help improve your brain’s ability to plan, concentrate and regulate emotions. Watch this video for helpful ways to squeeze in a nice brisk walk. Your brain will thank you. Visit AARP® Staying Sharp® for more brain health information.


At least 4-5 times a week, I take a very brisk 40 minute 3 mile walk which loops around a county road near my home. I find I do my most productive thinking and praying during this quiet time. In the early morning hours there is little to no traffic and beautiful wildlife in addition to a gorgeous sunrise which really lifts my mood. These walks keep me sane and revived for my day.

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i walk just twice a week. if i can i take the bus but every once in a while i take the notion to walk. Food city is just a 30 minute walk from my place & 30 minutes back + what ever time i take in the store. it makes me feel so good. i don't get a bit tired. i even walk from one end of town to the other for various reasons. for that long a walk i do get a bit flustered but the feeling it gives me feels so much better than sitting at home. 

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I’ve plenty of time to exercise but making myself get started is the hardest part!

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Oh, how I DREAD my 20 min, 5 days a week walk

BUT the amazing thing is after 10 min I start feeling GREAT!

4 years ago I started out twice weekly, for 30 secs to the mailbox and back

then 1 min across the street and back

slowly but surely added minutes every week - end of the block and back, halfway down my street and back

This month I added walking past 2 more houses down my street, then returning home

Rarely do I walk only 15 mins, sometimes walking as much as 45 (okay - ONCE)

YES, the hardest part IS getting up off my rear end

Peace, Love, Blessings, Health and Happiness!


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