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Going Vegan



Thinking about going vegan? No diet overhaul is ever easy, and adopting a vegan diet — one that eliminates meat as well as staples like dairy and eggs — can be challenging. Small steps over a period of time could make it more manageable and easier than you might think. Find out how!


Love this topic .. have recently decided to veer towards becoming more vegan.  Since about 9 years ago, I have suffered from 2 bouts of bad diarrhea every year for 9 years.  Listening to numerous alternative healing doctors online have helped me to become gluten-free and more recently lectin-free (per Dr. Steven Gundry .. In the last month of peeling the skin of cucumbers - zucchini, as well as, taking out all the seeds, have helped me heal from about a month of diarrhea.  That was such a difficult ordeal for me - losing more than 10 lbs. in one month when I was underweight to begin with. Now, I'm slowly regaining some weight back by ingesting loads of extra virgin olive oil daily.  I truly have a guardian angel on earth.

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When going vegan stop and think about how you approach things.  When I made the change I was starting a new cooking class on plant base cooking.  So I jumped in with both feet.  That was six years ago and have not looked back.


Search out web sites and blogs that can help you fine information and recipes too make the transition easier.  (One web site I still follow is nutrition   This one is written by Dr. Micheal Greger M.D.  He gives tons of information in his blog and videos.  He has also written two books loaded with info ( How Not To Die) and (How Not To Die the cookbook).


The thing to remember is to eat the rainbow, stay away from the processed foods and Read your labels.


I always remind myself that animals (horses,cows, sheep) need protein and calcium guess where they get it from.


Good luck and have fun with your food.


Eat rice, corn and wheat.

When hungry, eat a potato.


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  1. Your food (vegetables) should have an array of colors on the plate—even looks good. 

  2. Use hummus or avocados to replace mayo and other dairy spreads on sandwiches. 

  3. Notice how much better you feel after the meal without that heavy overstuffed slow to digest meal. 

  4. Use beans and lentils in a lot of different ways. 
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