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A PURRFECT Reason to Pet Animals

In a bad mood? Try petting a dog or cat for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s yours or someone else’s. What’s important is that you like animals and that Fido’s friendly. Studies show petting perks run the gamut from physical to psychological and emotional. Visit AARP® Staying Sharp® for more brain health information.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Petting my dog always makes me feel better. She gives the sweetest snuggles!

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We used to take our dogs with us everywhere. Now that we've all been stay at home for a year now, our Abbey's behavior has changed. Pre-pandemic, she'd like attention at specific times during the day. Now she works us constantly - it's been such a joy- pets, play, and just following us around the house.. The most amusing thing is that at 11, she still loves to play and 'needs' us to play with her - steal and toss her toys, play tug, etc. She's been a real joy.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Aww, what kind of dog is Abbey, @LornnaG683244? Our dog, Riley, has been behaving similarly. She regularly comes over to us for a pet session. One of us usually ends up going back to the living room and playing with her for a bit, and she always follows me around. It's so sweet 💜 She's also become accustomed to getting a little piece of string cheese, and as soon as one of us opens one for a snack she's right there waiting for her treat.

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