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What are the different modes of play in Get 10 Ultimate?

When you click on Get 10 Ultimate, you’ll see two options to get you started: a green block with an infinity symbol and an orange block with a grid.


  • Click the orange box with the grid to start your Get 10 Ultimate journey level by level, where each level presents you with a new challenge to overcome (such as getting to a certain score before running out of moves or achieving a certain high number).
  • Click the green box with the infinity symbol to access Endless mode, where you can simply strive to create the highest possible number by matching adjacent numbers of the same value. In this mode, the difficulty increases with each new number created – but you can keep playing until you run out of moves.


Choose whichever mode works best for you — with Get 10 Ultimate, there’s something for every type of player! Try Get 10 Ultimate today!

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