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Surpass Levels in Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjongg Dimensions is all about creativity, speed and memory!


Can't make it past a certain level without time running out? If you are playing on the desktop, try using the ← Left and → Right arrow keys on a keyboard.


This will allow you to rotate the cube at a quicker speed compared to pressing the rotate buttons every time.

Also remember you can score bonuses by:

1. Completing a level
2. Speed-match bonus
3. Multi-match bonus


Play Mahjongg Dimensions today

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It is still not working correctly!  I used to get high scores (over 159,000) until I got a new Kindle.  It used to be the more you played, you would get extra time and points.  I no longer get that.  I'm lucky to get 30,000 points now.  I contacted Arkadium and they were no help.  Seems like someone should be able to get it to work for everyone!


    How about having one that is un-timed.  The purpose of a game is to enhance mental skills, not speed.  Doesn't do anything for the brain to have the game stop just when the challenge gets better on the third level.


Agree, I play to relax and going against time is NOT relaxing

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So can this get you above level 3 now?

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