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Spinning the ball in 8 Ball Pool

Adding spin to the cue ball in 8 Ball Pool can give you a big advantage. While hitting the cue ball in the center leads to a normal hit, there are several other options:

  • Hit the cue ball slightly below the center to stun the ball, so it stops dead after the hit.
  • Hit the cue ball above the center so the ball continues moving after the hit.
  • Hit the cue ball below the center to make it move backward after the hit.
  • Hit the cue ball to the left or right to make it lean in that direction after the hit.

Hit the cue ball below the center to cease the ball from moving, so it stops dead after the hit. But first think about what your next shot will be before hitting the cue ball.

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I know all about English or (spinning as you put it) on the cue ball. I have told you before I have run the table 100s of times on the hard level the point system does not work. I got 37000 points once and almost got 38200 once but missed the 8 ball out of 1000s of games played. there are 4 or 5 players that constantly get 38500 or more I have seen scores of 70000 points and Arkadium takes their names off when I point it out. Once again try it and you will see if the point system worked like you said I promise you I would get a lot more points.


I make 3 to six on the break constantly when I get six I get 4000 points your point system says 5000 when you make 2 on the break? Try it.


Good information. Thanks.

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