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Special member features for Right Again! Trivia

AARP Members get more when they play Right Again! Trivia—more points and more content.


If you catch the trivia bug after your first game, know that, if you’re a member, you can play the past 14 days of trivia games—252 more unique questions!—compared to just seven past games for non-members.


Membership also gives you access to the game’s most powerful PowerUp—the 2x PowerUp—which you can use to double your points for one question each game (it’s extra useful on a 400-point Round 4 question). If you’re an AARP Member participating in AARP Rewards, you can also spend your Rewards Points to buy additional PowerUps during the Brain Q and Final Q questions -- plus you'll earn 50% more Rewards Points for completing the game each day.


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