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Maximize your score in Jewel Shuffle

Looking to maximize your score in Jewel Shuffle? Give these tips a try!


  1. Match your jewels on the lower rows when possible. Since new jewels drop from above, the longer the jewels “travel” from top to bottom, the higher your chances are of getting auto-matches and earning free points.
  2. Use the magnifying glass Help button if you are not sure you’re making a good move. Clicking on the Help button several times displays all possible moves it does not have any score penalties.
  3. Bonus glowing jewels and Brilliant Jewels can be game-changers. The best strategy is to save them until you are running out of moves and then match them to clear more space. This will automatically create new move opportunities.



I absolutely love Jewel Shuffle!  I think I’m addicted to it😳 My highest score was over a million and was so proud of myself.  Trying to beat it tho.


@ClaireM542738, can you please share how you get such a high score?  What is your strategy?

Social Butterfly

Oh, I get it now.  I thought jewel shuffle was a new scam going on.

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